Brant & Cochran was founded in 2015 after Steve Ferguson could not find a high-quality, American-made axe for his godson who was going to forestry school. Being in Maine, which was once a center of axe making in the U.S., Steve, his brother Mark and their partner Barry Worthing decided to do something about it. Brant & Cochran’s mission is no less than preserving and reviving the traditional craft of axe making in Maine. 

In 2018, they sold their first Maine wedge pattern axe - The Allagash Cruiser. This was followed up by the Dirigo Belt Axe in 2019, and the limited edition Forester’s Friend - a Maine wedge double bit cruiser axe in 2021.

More of the twists and turns in our story can be found in these blog posts.


Leland FergusonBrant & Cochran is more than just a name — it’s a tribute to Mark and Steve’s grandfather, Leland Ferguson, and his remarkable legacy. Leland's journey began in a humble farm house in Southern Kentucky from where at the age of 18, he ventured to Detroit in search of success.

Leland's dedication and hard work led him to companies like Ford Motor Company and Fisher Body, where he honed his skills as a master mechanic during World War II. After the war, Leland embarked on a new venture, restoring and selling military surplus machine tools. This business became Brant & Cochran.

Though a silent partner in Brant & Cochran, Leland's influence and work ethic were undeniable. His commitment to excellence inspired his children and grandchildren, many of whom worked alongside him in various businesses. We carry forward his values of hard work, integrity, and a pursuit of quality, making Brant & Cochran a testament to his enduring legacy.


Brant & Cochran MatchbookMark Ferguson, the grandson of Leland Ferguson, stumbled upon matchbooks from Brant & Cochran when he inherited his grandfather’s toolbox. Inspired by the simple yet unique design featuring a distinct font and red-lined chevron, the foundation for the B&C Axes from Maine logo was born. 

Our logo continues to serve as a tribute to Brant & Cochran's rich history and represents our commitment to craftsmanship and quality. With the logo as a symbol of our values, we continue Leland Ferguson's legacy by offering precision, durable, and reliable tools. We hope you’ll join our journey rooted in tradition and appreciation for fine tools.


We honor the tradition of axe making in Maine by forging Maine wedge pattern axes using traditional forging techniques. Our axes are world-class due to the care and craftsmanship our makers put into forging and hafting each one. We strive to make heirloom quality axes that can be used now and passed down for generations. 

Brant & Cochran Axe in log


We didn’t get here alone. From the beginning, we have been supported by the maker community in Maine, its blacksmiths and machinists, the Maine axe collectors, and our vendors and customers. The logging and lumbering museums in Maine have also been an inspiration for our products. We urge you to support your local makers and our partners