Meet the makers behind your Brant & Cochran! Just like iconic Maine axe companies like Emerson & Stevens, we proudly put makers' marks on our axes. So when you see a "W" stamped on the poll of the axe that means your axe was forged by head blacksmith Keegan Whitford. And if you spot a "T" on the handle, it means that Tanner Wilcox expertly hafted your axe, while a "J" signifies the exceptional work of Jen Greene. Our other makers are just as important in getting our axes forged and into your hands.

These talented individuals practice their craft with us in South Portland, and we feel truly fortunate to have them as part of our team.









Keg Whitford

Head Blacksmith

I've always loved working with my hands, body and brain in the same setting. B&C was a chance opportunity to put these skills to the test and it's one of the most rewarding things I've ever done.

Making a damn beautiful axe! But really, when you step back and take a look at a clean, freshly polished and sharpened bit, you can really see all the sweat and hard work reflecting back at you.

Sunday morning shop cleaning dance parties with Aidia are definitely my favorite way to end the week.

I have to give a huge shout out to Rachel David at Red Metal for running a blacksmithing workshop I took at Haystack in 2019, she really had me fall in love with working with hot metal. Also majority inspired by all of the folks at the Society for Inclusive Blacksmiths, check them out at

Tough question! I listen to a whole lot of everything. To name a few: Misfits, Death Grips, Parquet Courts, Johnny Cash, Nina Simone, Stan Getz, Howlin Wolf, Big Mama Thornton.

Tanner Wilcox

Handle Designer & Hafter

Reviving the manufacturing of high-quality axes in Maine.

Having true valued input in all aspects of the job.

I love the meetings we have when we're all together as a group because you can really see that everyone is passionate and dedicated to the perfection of our products.

Chris @cooperhill over on Instagram.

Osker, The Distillers, Sed Non-Satiata, Joanna Newsom, Dear, And The Headlights

Aidia Sandlin

Assistant Axe Maker

As a 5’4” transgender craftsperson, it’s important to me to invest myself in a number of trades typically reserved for ‘big men’. My hope is to learn enough where I can one day start a queer Smithy of my own. 

Knowing that I’m improving my skills each shift and participating in a classic trade is pretty cool.

Sunday cleaning with Keg.

Paige Henry, Joseph Bueys, Rhiannon Schmidt, Wasilly Kandinsky, Kenneth Payne

I listen to everything to it’s hard to pin down my favorites, I listen to a lot of metal and folk, with maybe some Gregorian chants here and there.

Jen Greene

Axe Hafter & Restoration Specialist

During the pandemic I couldn't find a job in woodworking, but wanted to remain a maker, so Brant & Cochran allowed me to learn new skills.

Knowing that you're making something that will last.

Any time it's busy and we all get into a groove together to achieve our goals/ working in unison.

George Nakashima, Laura Mays, Wharton Esherick

The Cure, Lake Street Dive, Sharon Jones, Scissor sisters

Lela Ferguson

Assistant Axe Maker/Hafter/Restoration Specialist

I like to work with my hands and have a background in bladesmithing. I also have an interest in antique restoration and the historical side of the company.

I enjoy learning new skills and furthering skills I already have. Its very satisfying when a task goes from frustrating to routine.

We get old axes in all the time which are rusty and dirty, with broken hafts and chipped bits. Its great to see those axes, which most people would classify as junk, restored to a usable condition. I like the little surprises along the way in the process, like old maker stamps hidden under layers of rust.

Nick Rossi, Derek Glaser, and Neil Burridge are ones that come to mind specifically, but really I like seeing anybody's crafts.

Abney Park, The Offspring, Oingo Boingo, Sabaton, Faun, Marty Robbins, ELP, Paul Shapera

Alec Bobst

Assistant Axe Maker

I wanted to work with my hands and learn how to make things. 

Learning from the people here who are experts in their craft.  

Every time I learn something new. 

Anyone and everyone that makes or creates things.

I like too much music to narrow it down to favorites.