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Let us get your axe back into tip top shape! Whether you found a treasure at a flea market, in your garage or barn or just want to fix up an old family heirloom, our team of axe restoration specialists will bring out the best in your vintage axe. 

Restoration of a vintage axe can include any (or all) of the following services:

  • Remove rust or corrosion from the axe head
  • Reshape and remove mushrooming on the poll of the axe caused by hammering on it
  • Grind out any chips found in the bit
  • Sharpen the axe until it is "wicked sharp"
  • Rehaft the axe head with a new Amish-turned hickory handle
  • Protect it with a custom, Maine-made leather sheath
  • We can also custom paint or burn the handle, blue the axe head, and laser engrave a name or initials on the axe head!

Contact us for a quote on your restoration project. Don’t forget to attach pictures to help us get a jump start. Once received, one of our restoration service specialists will be in touch with you to discuss the work and provide a quote and time frame for bringing your axe back to life!

Axe Restoration Before Brant & Cochran
After Axe Restoration by Brant & Cochran