Co-branding  allows us to leverage the tradition, craft and quality of Brant & Cochran's trusted brand with yours to offer customers exceptional tools they will cherish. 

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  • Sugarloaf logo for co-branded axes
  • Arborwear logo for co-branded axes
  • Huckberry logo for co-branded axes
  • Filson logo for co-branded axes
  • Hancock Lumber logo for co-branded axes
  • Solo Stove logo for co-branded axes
  • Paul Smith's College logo for co-branded axes
  • Goodland logo for co-branded axes


We have collaborated with companies, universities and other organizations to create unique versions of our Brant & Cochran axes, accessories, and gift bundles. We can add your company logo or messages on the axe, handle, and sheath in combination with our branding or just yours. We can also create custom packaging leveraging your brand with ours.


  • Quality & Craftsmanship: By co-branding with Brant & Cochran, you’ll align your brand with our commitment to exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Our axes are meticulously crafted using time-tested techniques and U.S. sourced premium materials ensuring superior performance and durability.

  • Heritage & Tradition: Brant & Cochran carries a rich heritage of toolmaking, spanning generations. Co-branding with us allows you to tap into our legacy and showcase a shared appreciation for traditional craftsmanship, authenticity, and pride in American manufacturing.

  • Brand Reputation: Partnering with Brant & Cochran means aligning your brand with a trusted and respected name in the industry. Our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction earned us a loyal customer base and recognition by Field & Stream Magazine as making one of the four best axes in the world. 

  • Diverse Customer Base: Our products appeal to a wide range of customers, including homeowners, arborists, foresters, outdoor enthusiasts, and tool aficionados. Co-branding with Brant & Cochran gives your brand access to these diverse markets, expanding your customer reach and increasing brand visibility.

How does co-branding work?

  • Your Own Hot Stamp: Each axe we make is stamped with our B&C Maine logo. But we can also have a hot stamp made with your logo and stamped on the axe head instead. We have created hot stamps for companies, universities, ski resorts, and outdoor clubs and other organizations. Classic!

  • Solo Hot Stamp on Brant & Cochran axe
  • Huckberry Hot Stamp for co-branded axes
  • Filson Hot Stamp on Brant & Cochran Axe
  • Forest City Hot Stamp for co-branded axes
  • Custom Laser Engraving On The Handle: With our custom engraving service, you can have your name, initials, corporate logo, or a meaningful message engraved on the handle of your Brant & Cochran axe. This personal touch not only adds a touch of individuality but also creates a lasting connection to your tool.

  • Solo Stove laser engraving on axe handle
  • Arborwear laser engraving on axe handle
  • UNH laser engraving on axe handle
  •  laser engraving on axe handle
  • Leather Sheath Stamp: Another option is to make a leather die of your logo, company name, or message and stamp it on the Maine-made leather sheath that protects your Brant & Cochran axe. A fantastic opportunity for promotional purposes or to create a unique and memorable gift.

  • Goodland Sheath Engraving for Brant & Cochran Axe
  • Solo Stove Sheath Engraving for Brant & Cochran Axe
  • Paul Smith's Axe Sheath Engraved
  • Co-branded Accessories & Custom Packaging: Make your custom Brant & Cochran axe even more special by bundling accessories such as a honing puck, hand forged bottle opener, or other promotional item. We also offer custom packaging options that make the receiving your Brant & Cochran axe that much more special!

  • Solo Stove Custom Packaging
  • Custom Private Label Bottle Openers
  • Filson Sharpening Puck Custom Packaging
  • Filson Custom Box
  • Limited Edition Collaborations: We also collaborate with select partners for limited edition runs of co-branded axes and accessories. This exclusive opportunity allows you to create a truly one-of-a-kind product that reflects your brand's identity while incorporating Brant & Cochran’s exceptional craftsmanship.


Ready to elevate your brand with Brant & Cochran's world class axes? We welcome co-branding partnerships and look forward to discussing the possibilities with you. Contact our dedicated team to explore how we can collaborate to create remarkable heirloom quality products that reflect your brand's values and resonate with your customers.