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Are you searching for high-quality, American-made, hand crafted tools to enhance your product mix?

We’re excited to offer you the opportunity to become a Brant & Cochran dealer, providing your customers with top-notch axes and accessories to be cherished by your customers for generations. Get started today!

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  • Appalachian Outfitters Logo
  • Hatchet Outdoor Supply Co logo for co-branded axes
  • Shelter Tool Logo
  • Cranes' Country Store Logo
  • Trove Logo
  • Forestry Suppliers Logo
  • Lehman's Hardware logo for co-branded axes
  • Kittery Trading Post Logo

At B&C, our axes and accessories have garnered immense popularity among homeowners, arborists and foresters, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone seeking heirloom-quality tools. By incorporating Brant & Cochran products into your inventory, you can attract customers who appreciate craftsmanship, durability, and the pride that comes with owning tools made in the USA.

Our products have found their way into various retail environments, including outdoor gear and general merchandise stores, forestry suppliers, trendy boutiques, craft showcases, university bookstores, museum shops, and even Christmas tree farms. The versatility of Brant & Cochran products allows you to cater to a diverse customer base ensuring that you have something special for everyone.


To explore the opportunity of becoming a Brant & Cochran dealer, we encourage you to reach out to co-owner Mark Ferguson. Mark can provide you with comprehensive information and answer any questions you may have about this exciting opportunity. To make your B&C axes stand out even more we can co-brand and add your logo to the axe head, handle or sheath too!

Lehman's Woodsman Belt Axe wholesale from Brant & Cochran
Hatchet Supply Dirigo Axe