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Allagash Cruiser

Introducing the Allagash Cruiser: the only Maine wedge pattern camp axe being forged today. Each Allagash Cruiser is meticulously hand-crafted in our South Portland shop one at a time, made with U.S. steel, hung on an A+ quality hickory handle of our own design, and true to the Maine roots of this historic axe design.

Each Allagash Cruiser comes with a custom Maine-made leather sheath to keep you safe from its wicked sharp bit. And now you can get your name or initials laser engraved on your Allagash Cruiser making it that much more of a family heirloom to pass down for generations! Or add a leather collar around the shoulder of the axe handle to protect your axe from overstrikes and prolong the life of the handle.

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Forged from premium carbon tool steel, the Allagash Cruiser is a 2.5-lb. powerhouse that effortlessly combines strength, durability, and precision. The bit is tempered to Rockwell hardness 56-58 and carefully honed to have a “wicked sharp” edge. Weight, strength and balance makes the Allagash Cruiser stand up to hard work.

The Allagash Cruiser proudly features a 28" A+ grade Amish-turned hickory handle, meticulously chosen for its exceptional quality, flexibility, and grain structure. This superior handle coupled with the balanced hang of the handle to axe head makes the Allagash Cruiser a joy to swing!

Customer Review

Dec 2023
Jon Peterson - Maine Guide
The Allagash Cruiser Is A Workhorse!

The Allagash Cruiser has been a workhorse for me over the past year! I am a full time fishing guide and I use this axe almost everyday while guiding in Grand Lake Stream for Weatherby’s Lodge.  This axe is incredibly balanced and can split all of the wood needed for our daily cooking fires while also cutting smaller trees down for fire wood for overnight trips.  The axe bit retains its sharpness even after hitting hard objects around the cook sites.  I have gone a full year with this axe with very little maintenance and it keeps performing.  Highly recommend for anyone in the outdoor industry or anyone who appreciates a fine axe made in Maine.

  • Manufacturer Brant & Cochran
  • Pattern Maine Wedge
  • Handle Type Hickory
  • Handle Length 28"
  • Weight in Pounds 2.5 lbs.
  • Axe Head 1050 Carbon Tool Steel
  • Rockwell Hardness Maine Wedge
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