Brant & Cochran Axe Reviews

Mark S.
Enjoying My Allagash Cruiser

Wanted to pass along my compliments on the Cruiser. Balance is spot on. My helko with a 2.75 lb head feels so much more head heavy. I can cut so much longer with the cruiser because of the handle thickness and balance. Feels like a 2lb axe. Good job to W. Enjoying my axe. 

Jon Peterson - Maine Guide
The Allagash Cruiser Is A Workhorse!

The Allagash Cruiser has been a workhorse for me over the past year!  I am a full time fishing guide and I use this axe almost everyday while guiding in Grand Lake Stream for Weatherby’s Lodge.  This axe is incredibly balanced and can split all of the wood needed for our daily cooking fires while also cutting smaller trees down for fire wood for overnight trips.  The axe bit retains its sharpness even after hitting hard objects around the cook sites.  I have gone a full year with this axe with very little maintenance and it keeps performing.  Highly recommend for anyone in the outdoor industry or anyone who appreciates a fine axe made in Maine.

December, 2023
Long Live The Maine Wedge!

I recently received my Allagash Cruiser and Dirigo Belt Axe order from Brant & Cochran, and they are absolutely beautiful tools. Thank you guys! Long live the Maine Wedge!!!

1 year
American made. Hand forged axes with great customer service? This is your place.

Stephen and Tanner have tremendous pride and care in their craft. Stephen is the owner and cofounder. Tanner is an amazing guy who is a master in his abilities. He knows the history and useage of axes throughout ancient times. In fact, he helped explain an heirloom axe we have. He seems to truly love what he does.

The craftsmanship and the ability to design, create and forged these axes take time and tremendous skill. They are always helpful and available to answer questions.

3 Years Ago
Finest Axe I Have Ever Purchased

This is the finest axe I have ever purchased. The quality of the craftsmanship is superb. The edge is extremely sharp. I never knew an axe can be so exciting. Thank you for your dedication to your craft. I will recommend your company to my friends and anyone else who is interested in purchasing a high quality axe.

Vol. 125 #2 2020
Field & Stream Magazine
One of the 4 Best Axes In The World

3 Year Ago
John Jefferson
I personally own the Allagash Cruiser and the Dirigo Belt Axe and love them.

I heat with wood and process 6+ chords a year and these two axes have a stronghold in my firewood kit. The axes have the iconic Maine axe utility with the fit and finish of a boutique axe. In other words, they are tools you will want to put to work and you will enjoy using. Great products!

October, 2020
Gray's Sporting Journal
Heirloom Quality & Highly Functional

No tool played a more vital role in the settlement of our nation than the trusty ax, a hardworking implement that traces its American roots back to the first blacksmith shop at Jamestown in the Virginia Colony of the early 1600s. While countless regional artisans created hundreds of different patterns, the state of Maine always led the way with more than 300 ax-making companies at the peak of production in the late 19th century. But by the 1960s, the advent of gas-powered chain saws brought this era of American craftsmanship to a close. Now, BRANT & COCHRAN is bringing it back with its Allagash Cruiser, the only Maine wedge pattern ax being made today. Forged in its South Portland shop from 1050 carbon steel, this 2½-pound ax with a 28-inch Amish-turned hickory handle displays the same attention to detail one might expect from a fine fly rod or custom shotgun. Heirloom quality and highly functional, it’s the perfect companion for your hunting cabin or mountain retreat.

4 Years Ago
Daniel Wendell
Phenomenal axe manufacturer.

Phenomenal axe manufacturer. Continuing a time-honored Maine tradition, they forge, shape, finish and hang the axe heads in house. They also do antique axe restorations, as long as the axe head in question is in good shape. It's run by great people, who make a fantastic product. They are the only company making axes in the state of Maine!If you are in the market for a premium Maine made axe, stop in or give them a call. You certainly won't regret it.

I'm waiting on my Allagash Cruiser to arrive at my doorstep.

3 Years Ago
Callie Walker
You've got a lifelong customer in us!

I bought the Allagash Cruiser for my boyfriend as a gift and he tells everyone we know that it's one of his all-time favorite possessions. It sits in the entry of our house because it's that beautiful. From tip to tail, this axe is a stunning piece of equipment that will no doubt be a family heirloom.

The B&C team was absolutely wonderful to work with - can't say enough great things about them. You've got a lifelong customer in us!

3 Years Ago
Mark Boyer
Sharpest, toughest, most well balanced axe

Quite simply the sharpest, toughest, most well balanced axe I have ever had the opportunity to swing. The quality is simply amazing and the value is phenomenal. This axe makes me want to chop things, a lot of things, darn near every day. Great axe.. great customer service... great company. If you are thinking about a new axe I highly recommend the Allagash Cruiser.

3 years ago
Ken L.
It's Functional Art

All the Brant & Cochran axes I ordered recently as gifts went over extremely well. One of my granddaughters, who received a Dirigo axe, had this to say: "I was dumbfounded by your gift. The axe is gorgeous. I esteem functional art, and this craftsman-made axe is one of the most beautiful examples I have ever seen. I am proud to own it.”


She added that her Brant & Cochran axe could best be described by the Latin Vitruvian triad, which usually refers to architecture:


              FIRMITAS (strong)

              UTILITAS (functional)

              VENUSTAS (beautiful)

2 Years Ago
Wild Cherry Woodworks
Impeccable Craftsmanship

2 Years Ago
Orrie Rice
Absolutely phenomenal axe!

Absolutely phenomenal axe! I ordered the Dirigo belt axe. I was fully prepared to wait a while due to the Covid pandemic. Well worth the wait! The attention to detail is superb. Super sharp and ready for camp. The handle is so comfortable in hand and it’s beautiful. I will never buy another brand axe! Thanks Brant and Cochran!

3 Years Ago
B Connary
Excellent Quality.

Excellent quality. The finest quality axes made in the United States. They are wicked sharp. Craftsmanship that is second to none.

January, 2023
Richard Dur
Built For Use. Built To Last.

Axes that are almost (almost) too nice to use; but built for use and built to last!

Troy Kelsay
Functional & Gorgeous

I wanted a quality axe but was looking for old school, made-in-America CRAFTSMANSHIP. A tool I could use with confidence but something that was unique, special, rare. Research and patience led me to B&C and the Dirigo. It is perfect... functional and GORGEOUS. I use it mostly on the poison ivy vines climbing the trees on my property, but also for making for kindling for the fire pit. Mark was great and answered all of my questions and took care of me like I was his most important customer.

The Dirigo was so gorgeous that I ordered its larger sibling, the Allagash, to keep it company. I HIGHLY recommend B&C. You will appreciate the people/craftsmen and their axes.