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Axe Handles - 2nds

Axe Handles - 2nds

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Attention axe restorers! Get your hands on our Amish-turned hickory axe handles — and while they didn’t make the cut to be put on our Allagash CruiserDirigo Belt Axe or Forester’s Friend, these handles are far and away superior to those that you'll find at your hardware store. 

These B-grade handles may have small imperfections like minor grain run-out, knot holes, or some discoloration, but they're still a top-quality pick. Each order is handpicked to ensure you receive the very best of the B's

Dimensions of the eye end of the handle are approximately:

  • Allagash Cruiser 28” Single Bit Handle: 2” x ⅝” 
  • Dirigo Belt Axe 18” Single Bit Handle:1 ¾” x ½”
  • Forester’s Friend 28” Double Bit Handle: 2 ½” x ⅞”

Plus, as an added bonus, we're including extra premium black walnut wedges on orders of 3 or more. With a flat rate shipping cost of $13.00, ordering 5 handles is like getting 1 free!

To make your project even more special we can engrave your name or logo on the handle or order a leather collar (28" and 18" single bit handles only) to protect your axe!

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