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American Axe

American Axe

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American Axe is a comprehensive hardcover book that delves into the world of American axes, marking the first significant publication on the subject in decades. Written by Brett McLeod, a forestry professor and woodsmen's team coach at Paul Smith's College in Upstate New York, this 192-page full-color book offers a broad overview of the history, types, restoration, use, and care of this cherished tool. 

Highlighting Brant & Cochran's iconic Allagash Cruiser axe and its manufacturing process, the book showcases the artistry and craftsmanship involved in creating these remarkable tools. McLeod's expertise and genuine passion for axes shine through, making the book both entertaining and endlessly fascinating. Readers can expect a mix of engaging storytelling and scholarly insights, making it a valuable resource for axe enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts alike. 

"Entertaining, endlessly fascinating, and a work of genuine scholarship. I’ve read a lumberyard-full of books related to the outdoors, but can think of only a scant handful that measure up to this one.” — David E. Petzal, field editor at Field & Stream

“Even if you already live with an axe in your hands, Brett’s deep appreciation of our essential companion will bring you closer to it.” — Roy Underhill, host of PBS’s The Woodwright’s Shop

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