Types of Axes: Single Bit, Double Bit, Cruisers, Camp Axes & Boy’s Axes

There are three basic types of axes: single bit, double bit, and smaller axes referred to as “boy’s axes,” "camp axes, or “cruisers."

Single Bit Axes

The single bit axe simply has a single blade. It is used for felling or splitting usually has a 2-5 lb. axe blade and a 28”-36” inch curved or straight handle. Within the single bit family there are axes camp or boy’s axes (like our Allagash Cruiser), broad axes made to square timbers, Pulaski’s or fireman’s axes made with a hoe-like crossbit to clear vegetation or dig shallow trenches, carving axes and more.

Single bit axe made by Brant & CochranDouble Bit Axes

A double bit axe can either have two identical blade types so that one can be used after the other becomes dull from use or can have two different types of blades. Some double bit axes have a very sharp felling blade and a second blade which can be either blunter for cutting knots or more wedge shaped for splitting The double bit axe usually has a 3-5 lb blade and a 32” – 36” straight handle. Smaller double bit axes (2-4 lbs.) like our Forester’s Friend are referred to as "cruisers."

Forester's Friend Axe by Brant & Cochran

A great overview of the different types of axes can be found in the US Forest Service Publication “An Ax To Grind”