3 Important Reasons Why Your Axe Handle Matters

While an axe handle may not seem like a big deal, it can mean the difference between a job well done and a task unfinished. An axe handle must be strong, durable, and reliable. It’s critical that your axe handle is taken care of and changed out when necessary. 

Here are three simple reasons a good handle can make a huge difference in how well an axe performs.

1. Shock Absorbent

When you chop wood, the impact shock travels from the blade to the axe's handle. Therefore, the handle must absorb this impact shock efficiently, making it easier to handle and control the axe. 

A good quality axe handle made of shock-absorbent materials, such as hickory or ash, helps minimize the shock travel to your hands — making your chopping and cutting tasks more comfortable. Fiberglass handles are not recommended.

2. Accuracy

Length of the handle is another crucial aspect that cannot be ignored. If the axe handle is not the right length, it will be uncomfortable to swing and can lead to mis-striking your log which is also dangerous. 

The handle's length and thickness should be proportionate to your axe's weight, size, and head style, ensuring an accurate strike every time. Use this simplified chart to go by when selecting your handle length:

Axe Type

Handle Length

Head Weight

Full sizes



Boy’s Axes



Small Axes






A good rule of thumb for handle length is to hold the knob of the axe handle under your armpit. You should be able to wrap your hand around the axe bit.

3. Comfort

The grip of the handle affects the maneuverability of the axe, how fast you can chop, and how much control you have over the axe.

An ergonomic and well-designed handle reduces hand fatigue and discomfort, making your chopping easier and more comfortable. 

Many hardware store handles come covered in lacquer. This is done to preserve the handle for storage and not for use. We recommend sanding off the lacquer and applying coats of raw linseed oil to the handle. This will give you a better and safer grip.

The handle of an axe plays a vital role in determining how much energy you have to exert during any outdoor activity. It helps you absorb the impact shock, provides a comfortable and secure grip, and enhances your axe’s accuracy, allowing you to maintain control and precision. That’s why paying attention to the quality and material used to make your axe’s handle is essential. 

If you have an axe that needs an upgraded handle, the hafting experts at Brant & Cochran Axes have you covered with high-quality, long lasting axe handles.