Axe Restoration

Do you have your grandfather's axe sitting in the corner of your garage neglected, unloved, and unused? 

We can bring that axe back to life with our restoration services.  Cut off the handle near the head and mail it to us (USPS one price boxes are a bargain) and we will clean and sharpen it, put on a new hickory handle, and add a new custom made leather sheath. 

Price for this service varies on the axe type and condition, but generally runs about $100 plus shipping.  We discount the leather sheath to $35 for single bits and $70 for double bits as we don't like sharp axes leaving our shop unless they are muzzled! 

If you would like an estimate for this service please send us an email using the "contact us" page.  A picture of the axe and especially the eye is helpful. 

Below is a Collins Legitimus that we restored.  It was our client's grandfather's axe.

He wrote us: "If you are looking to refurbish an old go to axe or one that has a lot of sentimental value the refurbishing service at Brant & Cochran is perfect, they will take your old axe and make it look as if it was just forged"