Get 'Em While They're Hot! - Indiegogo Campaign Perks

Get 'Em While They're Hot! - Indiegogo Campaign Perks
Help us bring axe making back to Maine by supporting our Indiegogo campaign.
If you do you can get a lot of wonderful (and some exclusive) B&C swag!

$5  Support Level

B&C postcard featuring a historic photo from the collection of the Patten Lumbermen's Museum and your own spanking new B&C sticker with our iconic Maine logo!

$10 Support Level

Get a set of 3 Brant & Cochran Beer Coasters.  Each coaster has our logo on one side and a different image reflecting our "Make*Educate*Curate" mission.  Have a cold one and learn something too!  Also comes with the postcard and a B&C sticker.


$25 Support Level

Q:  What better way to open a coldie than with a hand-forged, axe shaped opener?

A:  None better

Get our hand made bottle opener along with the beer coasters, 4 stickers, and a complete set of the four postcards that ship with our restored axes.  Slainte!


$45 Support Level

This campaign is all about bringing axe making back to Maine.  Our Maine wedge pattern camp axe is going to be called "The Allagash Cruiser."  The logo for the axe is based on the design of labels placed on Maine-made axes more than 100 years ago. 

Our Allagash Cruiser T-shirt will have the logo of the label on the front and a B&C logo on the yoke.  Exclusively available here!



$75 Support Level

All of the Above+!  Get an Allagash Cruiser T-shirt and all the other stuff:  the beer opener, coasters (we'll add another set so you get 6), a set of 4 postcards, and 4 stickers.  Also get a magnet of the Allagash Cruiser label that will be stuck on all those axes we make.


$125 Support Level

Join the team with a B&C work shirt!  We'll embroider your name on our short sleeve, Red Kap work shirt so you never forget it!  Also, get an Allagash Cruiser T-shirt and all of the other swag: the beer opener, coasters, postcards and stickers.  Stand out!


$275 Support Level

Where it all began!  Choose between a lovingly, restored vintage single bit felling axe (3-4 lbs.) or a double bit axe.  It will be shipped to you with all of the swag that accompanies these beauties:  a set of four postcards, a two-sided poster with a picture from the Patten Lumbermen's Museum collection on one side and axe lore on the other, and of course a set of beer coasters!

$500 Support Level

When getting a beautiful B&C vintage restored axe is just not enough!  Get a vintage axe along with all the other perks:  an Allagash Cruiser T-shirt, a personalized B&C work shirt, beer opener, coasters, magnet, sticker and postcard.


$1,000 Support Level

An Allagash Cruiser!  Be the first to own Brant & Cochran's Maine wedge pattern camp axe.  This beauty will have a 2 lb. head, 28" Maine ash handle and be ready for camp, hiking, canoeing or splitting kindling for the home wood stove.  Of course, you get all the other swag:  the work shirt, Allagash cruiser T-shirt, beer opener, coasters and postcard.  We will also throw in an exclusive B&C beer carrier!